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April 8, 2008
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Entis Cursors -- with NO TILT by BriAnnM Entis Cursors -- with NO TILT by BriAnnM
These are the Entis Cursors by Zdenek Horak (zhorak) ([link]) for Windows XP with a twist...or, rather, an un-twist! I like these cursors a lot, but found the tilt in the originals to be a bit unsettling. So, I replaced the original tilted text cursor with zhorak's straight cursor and untilted the rest--the ones that had a tilt to them, anyway! Now, horizontal really is horizontal, vertical really is vertical, and so on.

The original arrow sometimes has a problem where a black box opens around it when it is used for dragging. This has been fixed or, at least, I hope it has! Now, only a light shadow ring appears. Please let me know if this is still an issue. I've also moved the arrow's hot spot one pixel up and two pixels to the left. It feels better to me that way. Even if you prefer the original tilted set to these, you might want to use the arrow from this set.

I've included zhorak's install file. The only difference is that the Scheme will be called and stored in a folder named "Entis Cursors (untilted)" rather than "Entis Cursors".

I tried untilting the link cursor, but decided I liked the original better. The tilt here doesn't throw me off the same way the directional cursors did.

I'm posting this new set for Windows XP with zhorak's kind permission. Please visit zhorak's web page ([link]) for links to the originals and other versions of his cursors.
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Its good ....
This looks awesome, thanks!
Here is soms suggestions regarding coloured cursors:

Unavailable = red round "no entry" sign
Link Select = yellow or green road sign with an arrow
Question = black question mark in white box
Working in Backgorund = one rotating blue gear
Busy = two or three rotating gears in different colours
Thanks for correcting the tilt on these great cursors. How about making a version that make use of colours as well?
Only one word can describe this cursor set, AWESOME!
very simple and awesome!!!
your cursors rockssss !!!! thnxx a lot tu give my pointers a sexy look ...
First: StOnEd
Then: Rofl

Great work!
thanx i like this
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